The Secret to Saving The World

The secret to saving the world? Really??

Big claim. I know.

Hear me out

As an organizational consultant I have been trained to perceive problems as symptoms, analyze said symptoms, diagnose the root cause, i.e. the actual, underlying problem, research best practices and potential solutions, customize solutions for said problem, and present/help implement.

I went into my Masters knowing I wanted to help save the world and solve BIG problems.

So everything I learned I tried to apply to society.

How can I analyze societal symptoms?

What’s the root cause?

And then what to do about it?

Well, I reached some conclusions and I’m doing something about it.

After conducting an informal content analysis, I concluded that all the world’s problems, i.e. symptoms are at the root, caused by a lack of knowledge/awareness around what drives our behaviors. Predominantly, it’s our thoughts and beliefs, which are mostly influenced and shaped by social conditioning and generational trauma. That’s the root.

Yes, there are some happy, healthy unicorns, I mean humans, but they’re the anomalies in this “study” (and if we were to study them they’d probably just prove my hypothesis).

That leads us to the solutions.

The Solutions

I’ve spent the last decade researching and experimenting with solutions in attempt to rewire, override and correct my conditioning and trauma. It took me a lot of time effort and money, but I eventually succeeded.

I was diagnosed with PTSD and BPD 14 years ago. Traditional methods (therapy and meds) did not work. Which is what led me down my path of self development and subsequently self actualization.


This, is the secret to saving the world.

Finding our path to self actualization, as Maslow’s hierarchy demonstrates, is the ultimate goal. Once we start to walk that path and realize our fullest potential, the happiness, joy, contentment, inner peace, awareness and consciousness, it all ripples outwards in a cascading waterfall of effing goodness.

It impacts everyone and everything around us.

This is how we save the world.

Self actualization

Self awareness, self knowledge, self development.

Post traumatic growth.

I’m not saying that we all become unicorn-humans riding around in Utopia, BUT, I am saying that when we understand why we do what we do, and adopt a growth mindset and focus on knowing BETTER, and then on implementing what we learn, we can DO better and BE better and FEEL better.

This will culminate in a society that is ultimately happier and healthier.

Less stress, less disease, less conflict, less poverty, less crime, less ignorance, less judgement, less misunderstandings, less hate, less racism… etc etc etc

Perhaps I haven’t managed to convince you…


But I aim to.

And if you already know that this is the way forward (becuase, let’s face it, I’m not alone, there are many, many out there who’ve figured this out and are working towards this goal), and you want help with self-actualizing, you can learn more about my program here. Alternatively, if you are actively trying to help others self-actualize (like me), then find me on my socials, I’d be honored to connect.

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