Not your average consulting company

Professional problem solving for self and business development, in pursuit of social development.


Hi! I’m Emily and I’m incredibly passionate about making life better, for the individual and the collective.

I combine my formal training as an organizational consultant with my first-hand experience and success in overcoming my mental health diagnoses and addiction, pursuing my passion, finding my purpose in life and making my dreams come true.

I’m a professional problem solver, change facilitator and self-development specialist, which makes me the ideal mentor and advisor, to help you be the change, for yourself and your community.

I am a true creative, constantly overflowing with ideas and am leveraging my zone of genius with multiple ventures and initiatives. The SELF(ish) System™ is my current focus although I have a business accelerator in the works as well as some writing projects and collaborations.

I’m always looking to grow my network so feel free to connect with me on my socials.


Self Development sessions

A hybrid service of counselling, coaching, mentoring and training, designed to help you help yourself.

60 minute weekly online sessions with 24/7 audio and text support.

Biz Development Services

Organizational consulting for small businesses and novice entrepreneurs.

Diagnostic reports, executive coaching, customized solutions and more.


The SELF(ish) System is my flagship program. It is an online, educational, mentorship program created specifically to teach you how to self-sufficiently thrive in life.

The 6 month program offers a private Fb community, weekly group coaching calls with yours truly, weekly pre-recorded videos and multiple downloadable workbooks and resources to ensure a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

This is the program that will change your life.

The Big Idea Blog

We learn by example, yet lack examples of people who believe in themselves and their big ideas. Every month I interview an inspiring individual making real impact in the world.

We CAN make a difference.

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