The Secret to Saving The World

The secret to saving the world? Really?? Big claim. I know. Hear me out As an organizational consultant I have been trained to perceive problems as symptoms, analyze said symptoms, diagnose the root cause, i.e. the actual, underlying problem, research best practices and potential solutions, customize solutions for said problem, and present/help implement. I wentContinue reading “The Secret to Saving The World”

Eco-Friendly Entrepeneur Builds a Business With Love

This month’s Big Idea Blog post showcases an eco-friendly entrepeneur building a business with love. The inspiring, Russian born, Ksenia Koroleva, who moved to France, then Switzerland, and now currently resides in Israel, shares with us how she built her eco-friendly business with a lot of learning, and a lot of love. Ksenia was aContinue reading “Eco-Friendly Entrepeneur Builds a Business With Love”

A Girl Boss Making Waves

This month’s Big Idea Blog post showcases an incredibly inspiring, girl boss. The inspiring Jessica Ainsworth, from Australia, bravely shares with us her extremely traumatic childhood and how she not only overcame her past, but grew from it and has now achieved success and impact at a level that most people only ever dream of.Continue reading “A Girl Boss Making Waves”